Best Place for Custom Built Pc's?

    Hi All

    I am thinking of buying a new pc in the future and wondered does anyone know of any sites/places i can go to either buy a pre-built machine or select the parts myself online and have someone build it for me.

    With so many users to this site I am just looking for peoples opinions on where the best place to shop is.

    I am not in dire need of a pc at the moment as my pc copes with BF2142 but it struggled when i tested LoRT Shadow of Agmar.

    I saw the thread about bigpockets who have a gaming pc for £399 (Not including software).

    I dont have a set budget but lets say i dont want to spend more than £500

    P.s. I have Windows XP CD Already.

    Many Thanks.



    What PC do you have at the moment??
    It may be possible to just upgrade this, since it can play BF2142 so it wont be that crap.
    Its a lot cheaper to upgrade and you will get better parts for you money.

    Otherwise i would suggest building/ getting a friend to build it for you.
    Its really easy, its basically just a big lego kit.
    Ebuyer with their Google checkout thing is probly going to be a good bet for parts.

    Anyway, if you need help let us know what you want/need.
    ie, do you have a monitor already? etc

    Yep, what he said!

    There are deals about on ebuyer and aria at the moment that let you get a very reasonable system very cheap, and I'm guessing you already have monitor, keyboard, mouse, perhaps dvd-rw etc etc

    As a guide, by ordering the bits individually with super-saver delivery and google checkout, you could get a Core 2 Duo for under £80, 2 GB Ram for £45, very decent graphics for under £100 and 500GB hard disc for under £60; you may need a new PSU and motherboard also but you could certainly get the whole lot for £300, with money to spare for better graphics\CPU.

    Novatech seem good - have used them in the past without problems. mate at work swears by them

    Original Poster

    Thanks for info guys.

    I have a 19 inch samsung monitor
    Recentley purchased the 500 GB seagate advertised on here.
    ATI Radeon 9800 XT
    Hiper Power Supply 525 Watts HPU-4S525-EU V1
    Motherboard Name Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe
    CPU Type AMD Athlon XP, 2250 MHz (13.5 x 167) 2800+
    2 Gig of PC 2700 Ram
    BENQ DVD LS DW1655
    ATAPI CD-RW 52X24

    My graphics card is about 2 years old bought it for £200 at the time. I am fine with installing HD/CD/DVD parts its just the motherboard looks the trickiest part to achieve.

    I would assume i would have to buy a new mobo and CPU & Fan. I dont need the pc just yet but i am waiting on WarHammer MMORPG in the future and want a pc that doesnt struggle to play it.


    I would assume i would have to buy a new mobo and CPU & Fan.

    Add memory to that list...

    Is that a s939 cpu ? If so, there is still a slim chance of grabbing a 4200+ cpu to fit the mobo. had them last week, and also overclockers (I offer the usual warning re using them though).

    And i guess that existing gfx will be AGP ? There are alternatives for that too - IF you wanted to keep the mobo.

    If you're fine installing HDD etc, be brave, you'll be fine installing motherboard and CPU. It takes longer, you have too take more out the case and there are quite a few wires to attach, but its not really any more difficult.

    As has been noted, with new motherboard, you're also looking at new CPU (and cooler), RAM, graphics card and possibly power supply, so its a big upgrade (almost an entire new system!) but prices are very reasonable at the moment with the google-checkout discount at ebuyer and aria - a Core2Duo is £65 delivered, 2GB ram is £46, several socket 775 motherboards are under £40 (some under £30 delivered); then you can spend £100 - £200+ on a graphics card and PSU which will give you the best value performance in games.

    (At 525W your PSU should be fine anyway for all but the most demanding graphics setup). Also, 2GB of DDR will be worth quite a bit second hand, particularly if its 2 x 1GB sticks (as DDR costs quite a bit more than DDR-2 now) so you can probably recoup quite a lot of the cost!

    Original Poster

    Ta for the info chaps. Saving up for hols at moment but will give this a go at some point, fingers crossed
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