Best place for Euros (help wanted)

    I am looking for the best way to get the most Euro's for my hard earned sterling. I have left it too late to apply for the Abbey card, do not understand enough about pre-pay cards (also, don't these come with % charges) and usually go to the PO to exchange currency.

    I am missing a trick or 3 here, can anyone point me in the direction of a good deal. Any useful advice welcomed, thanks in advance,



    Try your local Tescos beat every one near me about 4 wks ago when I went to Greece even Thomas Cook would not match them

    I usually change mine in the resort, thats if you wanna chnace talking sterling with you. I was getting summit like 1.42 to the pound this time last year where as it was about 1.37 if I chnaged it here.

    Tesco i'm afraid. used to be the Post Office but as usual Tesco have undercut (or over ) them!

    always get mine from the post office commission free

    try! Order online and collect at either one of their shops or at departure point.........they tend to have shops at most of the major departure points! Its hassle free and much better rate than walking into their shop and when I did it they were better than PO, M&S and I think I also got a massive 0.5% quidco! There is a v useful rate checker on MSE which gives best rates from all major currency providers!

    enjoy your trip!


    my mother in law only took enough for the day they got on there holiday and changed the rest when they got there , they did end up with more, cant remember how much but it was more.:)

    i always change mine at the resort wherever it is your going to, they generally have better rates over there, i went to majorca last week, rate over here was 1,18 rate over there in town was 1.25 not much diffrence i know but it adds up

    Tesco are actually run by Travelex and they are giving a better rate than many of their outlets, they use the wording Tesco Money but if you ask they are happy to tell you who pays their wages.The girl in my store said they just rent the space, it is much better for Tesco as they get trained staff and if there is extra cover needed they just send them from another Travelex store/site.

    It is a waste of time shopping round unless you plan to change many £1000s. Just pop in the post office.

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    Thanks for all of your comments, much appreciated
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