Best place for pay as you go mobile phones?


    Lovely dh has offered to buy me a new pay as you go mobile phone for xmas, but he's rubbish at finding good deals! Thought I would ask on here so I can point him in the right direction :giggle:

    I am looking for a Nokia probably (as I know how they work!!) and am on Orange network at the moment - but will swap the sim card from my existing phone over to the new one (does that mean it doesn't matter what network I buy??!!)

    Would like it to have a camera but not too bothered about any other fancy features - I don't make a lot of calls.

    Have had a quick look at but the choice seems a bit limited - hope you can help!

    Thanks in advance,

    Helen xx


    I'm not great at finding bargains but would suggest a few things -

    1 - if you are on Orange now you will need to either buy another Orange PAYG phone or one that can be easily unlocked from another network. When you buy a phone, the networks lock them so that you can only use their sim card. Most towns have shops / market stalls which will unlock the phone for you.

    2 - the second consideration is budget - you can get mobiles with a camera from about £40 upwards. Have to find out how much he wants to pay - or better still, you find the one you want and suggest it to him!…001

    If the link works, it should give you a pointer to all nokias at CarPhoneWarehouse which have cameras.

    I should have said, the above link is for Orange Nokias which phones...

    With cameras I meant :-)

    Time to give up, I think...

    check out [url][/url] they have some amazing clearance deals.

    Motorola U6 Peble Blue Pink or Green for £69.99 + £5 Quidco ( Vodafone )
    Samsung D800 £119.99 +£5 Quidco ( Orange )

    If your looking for something basic maybe just

    Nokia 3220 £39.99 + £5 Quidco ( Orange )

    Maybe even checking on ebay might be a better choice.

    Hope this helps.


    Original Poster

    Thanks for the tips - am off to check them out now!

    Helen xx
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