Best place for remote control cars

    Anywhere you can get fast (ie petrol or electric) cars, fast ones (not for kids) that come pre-installed so you dont need to build them yourself??

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    Yep!, Many sites will say RTR or Ready to run, Although you will often need 12 AA batteries (8 for the transmitter/controller and 4 for the receiver), Fuel and a glow starter (if its nitro/petrol)

    If its electric then it can depend on the make/model, If its not bundled with the car then you'll will need a 7.2v battery pack (although some are 9.6v and others are 12v) and a charger and 8 AA batteries for the transmitter/controller.

    Also for petrol, You'll need to run in the engine before you can thrash it around!, There are lots of tips and tricks on the internet.

    As for buying do you have a local model shop nearby?, As although the internet is cheaper for spares, If something goes wrong its nice to be able to get the spare part the same day from a model shop!

    You'll need to get the fuel in a model shop to, You can get it off the internet but it normally costs a lot to post!
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