Best Place for Trading In Games?

Hi there. I want to trade in Fifa 08, Ridge Racer 7 and Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 for cash. Which place is know for giving more cash than other places? (e.g. Game, CEX or perhaps some trade in website). Or, would it be better to sell them on eBay?


Cex would be best to trade.

eBay probably better, although not sure after postage + fees.

ebay or CEX, most definitely.

The major problem is the difference between online cost of a new title and relative trade value on the high street. e.g. If I traded Battlefield: Bad Company in for Far Cry 2 at retail i.e. Game/Gamestation then I am 'technically' losing that game for just £8 value! (lowest online price vs. retail price + trade in).

Earlier this week the offer of £4 (trade) for Halo: Legendary Edition was met with a stunned silence. I wouldn't even carry that damn huge box down the high street for that!

Might be worth trying on here?

take to cex. get a price quote on trade in's then take to gamestation. they have a trade in price beating policy and will beat cex by £1. the games are cheaper to buy in gamestation then they are cex so you'll get more for your money's worth.

HMV now do trade in's might be worth checking them out also... ?
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