Best place for USDollars?

Found 27th Oct 2010
I've been looking around, MSE TripAdvisor and the like but has anyone recently changed money into US dollars and got a good deal.
The one that seems to stand out is ICEplc if you collect after printing out a voucher. Has anyone used these before?
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I found the cheapest and safest way was to use my VISA debit card in cash dispensers in the States. That way you are only carrying the cash you need, not a large sum. I believe most cheque cards are also now either VISA or Maestro debit cards. Just be careful of charges for using the cash dispenser itself. Remember that you can pay most things using the debit card so no real need for cash.
I use a currency checker at MSE as a rough guide, then check directly or just order through it.
best price guarantee if you buy it online and collect it on the airport, and you can optionally hedge your purchase against exchange rate fluctuations by buying "buy back plus" for £3.99, they will buy the currency back on the exchange rate whichever is higher- current or the one you bought your money on, from them when you come back from your trip.

Using debit cards in other countries often proved a risky business for me, sometimes the bank locked the card as it was being used in other country and on others the card didn't work on ATM.
Also, using a debit card anywhere (unless it is necessary) is just like exposing the personal bank account to the world, so I just prefer to use credit card or cash. This is a personal preference anyway.

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Thanks guys.

Pied Piper, if you don't mind me asking, who do you bank with? As mine will charge me to pay for currency.
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