Best place to buy 18650 batteries

    Hi just bought some Cree torches from the far East and I need a couple of 18650 batteries can anyone recommend any? I've never used this type before so would appreciate the advice


    Check on Amazon, they tend to have many types of batteries including these ones. Sounds like these are lithium batteries so not sure if there are rechargeable ones. You could potentially use AA type if your torches come with an adapter.

    I've bought spare 18650 batteries together with the charger from that well known auction site and have had no problems.

    These. Used by many in the DIY e-bike industry.

    NKON seems well regarded in the flashlight community.

    I thought you needed 18.650 batteries lol

    That's a lot of batteries!


    I thought you needed 18.650 batteries lol

    As did I!

    Yes Amazon as well.

    I belive the E Cigarette things use them as well?

    I also invested in a decent USB charger for the batteries as well as did not want to trust the one that came with the tourch.

    Be careful, shed loads of fakes and poor quality ones about.

    Don't buy them on Ebay, they all claim great AH but are mostly fake. I would Buy an Anker device and use its batteries.

    The easiest source of these I find is the local IT helpdesk. Laptop batteries are always failing and the company then has to pay to dispose of which means they are over joyed that you will take them off their hands. After breaking them apart (careful not to short them) and testing you find in most cases the BMC is halting it due to a few batteries that have failed (if the BMC didn't the others would overstretch and go bang) - testing and finding those still in scope are the best quality you can get. If you haven't got access as work isn't applicable might be worth asking any of your friends.

    If that's too much effort for you look for the radio controlled enthusiast sites as they have decent quality at reasonable prices.

    torchy the battery boy on ebay 100%

    And get a decent charger

    Take a Tesla apart.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the recommendations.

    I have a technoline bl-700 charger but im not so sure it'll charge 18650 type batteries

    A large proportion of laptop batteries contain 18650 cells, if you're prepared to dismantle the batteries you can usually salvage a good percentage of the cells from within them, even from batteries that won't charge in a laptop.

    I've done this and got around 50 18650 cells, all quality cells from Sony/LG/Panasonic - they're great for torches but not for vaping as vaping uses more current than the cells can provide.
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    Take a Tesla apart.

    If you are supplying (_;)
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    Checkout uniross 18650 I got them from ebay work great

    Agree with Daniboy , Torchy the battery boy on ebay.

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    So I've got some batteries from torchy off ebay thank you.

    Anyone recommend a charger now?
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