Best place to buy £500 of Euros advice please

Posted 28th Apr
anyone advice please best place to buy thanks ..........
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The best place accessible to you which gives the beat rates.

If you live near Wimbledon imside Ellys
Google will bring some sites whatgive you the latest and best deals including delivery, collection...
€1.10 = €550
€1.11 = €555
€1.12 = €560
€1.13 = €565

Not too much in it when buying £500 worth. Just an idea for you to worry too much.
Sainsbury's online is pretty good we live in France still have some finance in accounts in UK and use this to change pound to euros. Been as high as €1.17 - £1.00
Wherever you are going, we have always found that we get a better exchange rate when at the destination country than in the U.K
Just get £100 worth on line (Travelex ? collect at airport ) before you go(for immediate expenses ) - by no means exchange direct at the airport . Then use a card such as Halifax Clarity to withdraw from ATM when abroad , or take cash to exchange whilst there , high street exchanges are very competitive .

To be fair as long as you avoid airports and travel agents there is unlikely to be more than 1-2 % difference .
If you are in London then great rates at Embankment station exchange! Or similar in Holborn. Otherwise get a Starling card - I rarely do any kind of exchange before getting abroad now unless I’m going somewhere really out of the way where there’s unlikely to be an ATM when I land.
Look into getting a Starling card maybe
I usually go asda
ding8 m ago

I usually go asda

+1 for this.
post office
Jay08028628th Apr

€1.10 = €550€1.11 = €555€1.12 = €560€1.13 = €565Not too much in it when buy …€1.10 = €550€1.11 = €555€1.12 = €560€1.13 = €565Not too much in it when buying £500 worth. Just an idea for you to worry too much.

€15 euro is a big difference
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