Best place to buy a laptop charger and avoid all the fakes?

    Anyone able to help me out with a reputable place to buy from?

    In need of a charger for a HP550 laptop, hp spare part number 381090-001.
    Already done a lot of research and purchased what i thought was a genuine charger from Amazon Marketplace based on feedback/images.

    It stopped working within 5 minutes and the plastic casing was slightly different from the original.

    Any help is appreciated, cheers.


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    Anyone? Seems this is much harder than you'd think it is...

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    Where exactly on the site is it? all i can find direct from them is this

    HP 65W Smart Travel AC Adapter…acc

    and it's not purchasable when you try to add it to your basket

    Plus it's overpriced at £59, and contains a lot of unneccessary wires/adapters when all i'm after is a simple charger that works

    Believe me i've done a lot of searching and i'm not having much luck
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    Anyone? really find it hard to believe there isn't a reputable site to buy these from considering how commonly they need to be replaced...

    All i can find is amazon marketplace sellers, marketplace sellers, or ebay. all of which will be fakes based on previous experience + feedback


    Have you tried buying from HP

    Buying from HP is a farce. I tried to buy a battery from them for my laptop, which their website said was in stock. That didn't stop them delaying it for four weeks, then putting it off for another three weeks, until in the end I gave up and asked for a refund. Now I am still waiting for my money back. And the website STILL says they are in stock.

    the ones on ebay, fake or not will work fine

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    This is particularly urgent, it's for a friend who relies on their laptop for work related stuff, so all of this time they're without a laptop is a big inconvenience.

    Already had 2 chargers die after 5 minutes from marketplace sellers, so didn't particularly want to try one of them again unless there was a highly recommended seller...

    Thanks for those HP links dontasciime, unfortunately looks like the dispatch time will be long...
    and they won't even add to my cart, even the one that quotes immediate availibility

    This is rather frustrating

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    What about … What about this:[][/url]Have somewhere to go back to if it fails thne aswell.

    Think i'm after a 65w supply. Plus there seems to be no guarantees it'd work with that model, and it doesnt come with a plug

    Cheers for that though
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