Best Place To Buy A Nintendo DS or DSi or DS Lite

Found 5th Mar 2011
I'm looking for the best place to go to get a Ds or Ds lite, the cheaper the better, not bothered about colour, or used as long as it's in good condition, would prefer a ds lite as the others a bit chunky for my pockets
Has anyone seen any really good deals recently?
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I posted a deal here as on choicesuk they have Preowned DS lites & DSI's for £49.99... can't be sure of what used condition they will be in though. There is also a 10% off code

edit - website seems to be down at the moment, when I last looked this morning they had 8 used Black DSI's remaining.
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Thanks mate, would have gone for a dsi, but the sites down, shame as I was going to get oliver/annie the musical for my mums birthday as well
I am selling a ds lite if you are interested hardly used so in excellent condition...
How much are you selling it for? Is it boxed with everything? Is it from a smoke free home?
I'm going to try choices dsi for £49.99 I think, but if yours is a bargain I'd take it.
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