Best place to buy a refurbished laptop ?

Posted 19th Nov 2013
Looking for a cheap laptop for a start up business. It will just be used for word processing and basic spreadsheets so happy with a refurbished as budget is minimal.

Needs to last a few months whilst we wait for funding etc.

Where is the best place online to buy one?

Thanks in advance
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I've saw quite a few deal on hukd from Dell.co.uk From what I understand they update their return stock online around 3pm. Also Google return laptops and search out their deals and read their reviews.
Should read refurb laptops bloody spellcheck
Morgan computers - http://www.morgancomputers.co.uk/
Teir 1 online - http://www.tier1online.com/
SCC Trade - http://www.scctrade.co.uk/
Dell outlet - http://www.dell.co.uk/outlet/
Lenovo outlet - http://outlet.uk.lenovo.com/
Rectech - http://www.rectech.co.uk
Freecycle - http://www.uk.freecycle.org/‎

With that lot you can get anything from free with a bit of luck to about £50 and just about any budget you might have beyond that. Ideally you will want something with at least windows Vista and running a Core2Duo or equivalent.

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