Best place to buy an R4 or similar?

    Mate at work wants an R4 or something similar, whats good now the R4's been discontinued?

    And best place to buy please?




    DealExtreme or Amazon.

    Note: Would be careful of N5 cart as it may damage your DS lite. Can be fixed but you will have to take it apart and solder the fuse.


    DealExtreme or Amazon.

    Not Amazon! I bought one from there (Marketplace seller), the SD card was dead on arrival!



    Bit risky advising on places to buy, when the issue seems not to have been settled yet....:whistling:

    I've used dealextreme. no problems with them, can take a while though.

    Original Poster

    Yeah, i've heard Dealextreme take a while, and they link to another site for the R4 anyway.

    Amazon i purchased loads for friends and family and they ALL work


    dx dont sell the r4 now, and volume rate now charge postage, if you can ever get the site to work

    I order a dstt from there for just over £10 and it came within 7 days, and got the scandisk 8GB off ply for £17 came within 5 days, one from uk 5 days to deliver, one form hong kong 7 days to deliver, you go figure - lol


    im selling a m3 real with a 2gb card in the for sale section. Far better than the r4


    Oh dear pimping your own sale. :roll:
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