Best place to buy composite door

Posted 29th May
Hi everyone

can people tell me where is the best place to buy composite door from? Are there any places you can get one between £500-£700 price range as everywhere seems to be over £1000, it doesn’t have to be much fancy etc just after good solid composite door with a door handle no letter box/side glass etc, any help/advice wil be appreciated thanks
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Avoid Anglian Windows and good luck..
What part of the uk do yo live in?
I’d imagine your local small supplier would be best priced. I got one in November m, but at the same time as spending out £5k on bifold doors with the same supplier, but still paid £1300 fitted. I could have had a bit cheaper but wanted a specific type colour etc. I’ve seen them on eBay for around £7-800 but you’d need someone to fit them locally. Probably another £100-150.

ebay example
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You won’t get one fitted for that price, but if you are after supply only you can.

We have previously used justvaluedoors for windows, and french doors, just not for composite yet and everything was fine.

Have myself just ordered a composite door from justdoorsuk, as it was about 200 cheaper than the above website for 499 + 45 del for black composite door, with letter plate, house number, and satin glass at the top.
Although there is currently a long lead time as they are working through backlog of orders due to the factories being closed for covid. Have been quoted end of July for delivery

Both the websites above you can build your own door to your liking on the website.

Most of these types of websites/companies source from the same manufacturers anyway.
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