Best Place to Buy Computer parts

    as title really wheres the best place to buy computer parts from

    i.e. got the best returns policy if somethings goes wrong



    Although I would imagine you are covered with most others, yes some can be stubborn with returns but just stand your ground and you will get there eventually, otherwise go direct to the manufacturer.

    I use Ebuyer every day, never had to return anything to be honest but I have heard they can be a pain in the ****, but don't let that put you off from purchasing from the likes of Scan, Ebuyer, Aria, Overclockers etc as you can get a good deal if you shop about.
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    Amazon, Overclockers, Scan and Ebuyer

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    thanks NEtech and Wild but overclockers no chance of me using them

    The Internet.

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    Shengis funny

    I normally get mine from Scan or Amazon.

    google shopping


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    Not heard much about OC-UK since they were bought out, think they're … Not heard much about OC-UK since they were bought out, think they're better now, but they used to be terrible.As for the recommendation for Scam, are you having a laugh, absolute shambles, just avoid them.

    oc-uk are still as bad as they were according reviews ive seen

    Ebuyer, Amazon, Scan, Aria or Novatech to name a few.

    At the Halal butchers of course

    And the rest of my reply is stared out ********** **** ********* ********* ********** *********** *******So I don't get banned

    I have had to return 3 items to Ebuyer over the last few weeks (basically faulty within the first day of use) and their returns procedure has been spot on and they have given me a full refund every time, and paid out within a few days of them confirming receipt back to their returns department.

    People in the past have always been outspoken of their terrible customer service but I have found the opposite. Although I did contact them and arranged the RMA within 30 days. I suppose after this time things get a little more complicated as they may try and blag you off with dealing with the manufacturer.
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