Best place to buy Dell Vostro 1000 battery replacement please

    Our last battery died and have been told it may be because we left the charger plugged in regularly and overcharged it.

    Does anyone know a good place to buy a replacement from at a good price?

    I have read some descriptions and they say overcharge protection. Do only some batteries have this? Anything I should watch out for?

    Thanks in advance.



    ebay Item number: 200538782526

    I take it's not under warranty?

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    Thank you for the replies. Will check the ebay recommendation. Well past the warranty period.

    Probably just the battery, Dells arn't the best know of a lot of Vostro's/Inspirons which only last 18 months if your lucky before they start to fail. Overcharging will have nothing to do with it on that logic they would be advising you to unplug the battery if run on the mains. prices have come down now though they used to be mega expensive.

    Probably worth paying the extra fiver for a 9 cell as well rather than the 6 cell. 170517236301

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