Best place to buy Euro from

    Im going on a cruise on the 21st-28th May and i need to purchase some euro the rate at the moment on the website is 1.15 for every £1.

    Could someone tell me the best place to buy Euro's and is it a good time to buy now or wait for a while????



    Euro has been going up slowly over the last few weeks, I would buy some now and some just before you go.

    I'm not sure but I thin the rate is best on the cruise ship or at the destination we changes ours in Spain and got a lot better rate than in the uk

    Think !

    M&S always used to be a good rate, as they have shops here & in europe so they apparently just ship the sterling & euros about without having to pay conversion rates etc themselves so can offer customers a better rate.. I used to work for a bank and we always recommended m&s.


    I always exchange to euros overseas as get a better rate usually

    better still, get a nationwide flexaccount and debit card and get the money from overseas cashpoints as you get seriously good intra-bank exchange rates

    WARNING: always take money from a cashpoint selecting EUROS rather than STERLING to be charged to your card. If you select STERLING for say €500 then the dispensing bank will do the exchange for you at a really bad rate and then debit your NW account with sterling.

    Select EUROS and nationwide will do the exchange back to sterling at a much better rate.

    I got abount 1.12 two months ago when the best rate on the high street & was 1.08

    Original Poster

    thanx for all the info people online the rates are showing 1.15 when you go to travel ages they are just giving 1.08

    M&S and Tesco do tend to be amongst the better ones on the high street. Although like dcx said, check out MoneySavingExpert...sometimes your better off not getting cash before you go, 'cos Visa etc sometimes offer better rates through cash machines abroad or by using credit cards - just make sure you don't get hit with charges!
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