Best place to buy laptop batteries

Found 16th Sep 2013
my laptop battery is dead

need a sony BPS22

best place to source this online. genuine be better but a good generic is fine as long as someone can verify that the company sends decent ones not cruddy ones

thanks in advance
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I've said this before but I think it's appropriate again.

I wouldnt be worried about 3rd party batteries, I've purchased loads of different ones from ebay over the years and never had any real issues. Usually the price is at least half of the cost of a genuine one and the cost saving means that if it does die or has an issue I'd still get away with it costing less than a genuine one. Some laptops I've had the real ones from the manufacturer are as much as £90 and the cheap 3rd party ones I've had for a little over £15.

Also 'Genuine' is usually a copy with some nice fake stickers when it comes to ebay and generally just more expensive than the cheap 3rd party ones and less expensive than an actual genuine set of cells.

Have you looked also on Amazon, they tend to be a bit more expensive but you get the advantage of some help when things go wrong?
thank u

sony dont sell them on their website thats why im stuck looking for a legit website
What sony laptop is it? There are some online stores that also sell batteries but some models have more than one compatible battery type.
its battery number is VGP-BPS22

model number: PCG-71311M

Seems about as good as your going to get as the machine you have seems to be a more obscure model range that the battery doesnt seem to have been used in that many other models. I'd choose that over ebay in this case just for the promise of support should anything go wrong.
thanks astec and terrabytes.... dont know where else to look really. it is obscure, so might as well purchase

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