Posted 5th Jan 2023
I've just moved house and need a load of new bulbs of various fittings, shapes and sizes. Where's my best best to just go (either physically or online) to grab everything I need? I live in Leeds so have most major shops within a short drive.
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    CPC if you need enough to meet the minimum basket fee. I’ve had their own brand pro-elec bulbs in my house for the last 3 or 4 years now. All have so far been reliable and bright, despite the nice low price tag.

    As a bonus for me their bulbs are available in a range of color temperatures too. Because I like everything cool white, rather than the yellow tint of a warm white that just leaves everything looking dirty in comparison.
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    My Sainsburys local have had loads reduced to clear in various sizes - might be worth a wander round the aisles...
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    Search for recent deals on here first - from memory, there was a Tesco and Toolstation one the other day.
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    I 2nd Tesco (£2 each) if you only want a few. Most other places are about £4 or more.

    If your after a large quantity, then you need to go to a trade or wholesale supplier.
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    If you really mean the best place - then it has to be Dubai:…pdf
    If you want something more obtainable then Farnell/CPC is a good call. However as most LED bulbs are pretty much mass produced from the same factory you may as well just order what is the most convenient and cheapest. Home Bargains, B&M, even Poundland! Homebase tend to be more expensive, Screwfix, B&Q, Tesco, Sainburys even Ikea have a range!
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    Do whatever but not ledhut no matter what, poor bulbs, worst customer service, made old company defunct, still trading under old name and do not honour warranty
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    Using megaman and aurora led "bulbs". Never had a problem with them
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