Best place to buy miniature bottles of spirits? (pref. giftset)

    I'm trying to find a place that sells miniature bottles of spirits but it's a lot harder than I thought. I want it to go with a cocktail set I've bought...I think it would be relatively easy to buy a giftset that had (for example) a mini whisky, a mini vodka, a mini gin and a mini rum...or something like that.

    I know there a few specialist sites on the internet but I've left it a little late for those now...anyone know of any stores/shops that would be worth trying? At that stage I might be happy just to buy them individually and put them in a nice box.


    Saw a gift set of them in Tesco's in the seasonal isle.
    Also seen them in the Boot's Christmas Guide so worth a look there.

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    The Boots I went in just had a 'single bottle with a fancy glass' type set, when really what I need is just the bottles. I'll brave a visit to Tesco as a last resort, it's a long way to a decent sized one from here and I don't drive so it's going to be a bit of a pain.

    I'm heading into Manchester town centre later in the day so I'm hoping there are places there that sell them.

    Ive definetly seen this type of gift set whilst xmas shopping, reasonably sure it was in either BHS or Sainsburys, might be worth a look if you dont get it in Tescos

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    Cheers Jase...BHS is a good shout, that's one of those shops that I always forget exists, I suppose that's because I don't really have cause to shop there for myself. I'll check that out.
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