Best place to buy pandora charms from??

Found 28th Dec 2010
I got bought a pandora bracelet for xmas and im looking to buy some more charms for it , does anyone know the best place to get them from. Had a quick look online and a lot of the places coming up on google are selling fake ones.

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hi.i asked this here a while ago and had john greed suggested to me.they do a large range and delivery is very quick.bought quite alot from them
link to john greed


if its a "real pandora" then id only buy from pandora (the atual shop) if not, then loads of jewellery shops sell really nice ones at an awful lot less of a price. warren james sell really nice ones, even argos do. swarvoski shop sell some stunning ones (warren james had the same one for about £80 cheaper).

I would say that argento.co.uk is a good shout as they are the real thing with free delivery plus 8% cash back through Quidco ......

Second John greed, bought all my pandora stuff there, great site and super fast delivery

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Thankyou everyone - yep is a genuiene pandora thats why only wanted to get the genuiene charms - will check out the sites that everyone has mentoned thanks
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