Best place to buy private number plate for car ?

The place that has the registraion you require.
IveGotTooMuchMoneyAndNeedToWasteItWhilstOtherPeopleDieInTheGutter . com

(Only joking, you can spend your money how you want).
fisco20012 h, 14 m ago

These are really expensive. My plate was £102 more expensive.
I bought mine from
Derek_Horatio_Shatwell2 h, 3 m ago

IveGotTooMuchMoneyAndNeedToWasteItWhilstOtherPeopleDieInTheGutter . …IveGotTooMuchMoneyAndNeedToWasteItWhilstOtherPeopleDieInTheGutter . com(Only joking, you can spend your money how you want).

I've been on that site while I was sipping my Moet and it certainly pulls on your heart strings 😏
Im pretty sure DVLA are the cheapest, you will see other companies advertising for less, but they have transfer fees
I thought on a discussion like this there would be more sarcasm/jokes. HUKD, you have disappointed me (except Derek)
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