Best place to buy refurbished MacBooks

Posted 8th Jan
Looking for a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 2018 onwards
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I've purchased a few for work direct from Apple with no problems.…hed

They come boxed from Apple and have always been like new. The amount of discount you get does tend to vary, though, so you may get a better deal from a refurb shop on eBay if there is a particular model or spec you are after and you need them now. I think Currys and Argos have refurb shops, for starters.
I personally would get it from eBay if I were going refurb that way you keep 10+ on watch and get something at a good discount.

Obviously you need to do your checks, read description properly, check what the seller has for sale currently and his feedback on electronics.

Apple refurb site is good as someone posted above but the discount isn’t high enough rather go brand new for 100-180 pounds saving.
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