Best Place To Buy The Samsung HT-C5500 5.1 Blu Ray System

Found 26th Mar 2011
So I am about to purchase a Samsung HT-C5500 5.1 Blu Ray System, but I am wandering if anyone knows the cheapest place to purchase it from? as in using vouchers to get it to its cheapest.

So far the cheapest I have found is BestBuy selling it at £279.98 - 10% code = £251.98, if Quidco successfully tracks, then It will be £251.98 - 8% = £231.82

I have also searched on ebay and it seems Tesco outlet are selling a refurbished one with 12 months warranty for £239.95, if I use quidco and get 40% off ebay revenue which is probably about £10 that will make it around £230.

I have also seen it at £199.99 at Willen Trading refurbished with 6 months waranty.

Is it worth getting the refurbished one at a guaranteed cheaper price rather than depending on quidco?

Does anyone know where I could get it cheaper?

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Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-Ray Player WiFi Ready

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Is this player part of that system?

Because you could then buy the speakers sepertate and try and find a deal on those?
That is the bluray player, the one i am talking about is a 5.1 system with speakers and receiver/bluray.
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