Best place to buy timber/wood for log burning stove

Posted 2nd Nov
Can anyone tell me the best place to buy timber/wood for my log burning stove? Ideally somewhere good quality and good value for money!

Thank you 🔥
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Look for free stuff on gumtree
Local pallet yard scraps?
Get friendly with your local forestry commission, that’s where most of my wood comes from. When they are thinning it out and general maintenance, it gets piled up and left to rot. I bring my trailer and chainsaw, take as much as I can carry.
Have a look on Google for Tree surgeons in your area, depending on what you want / amount.

Have you bought logs before, do you know to ask if they have bean seasoned?

Looking for free stuff as suggested above is a good idea, but you may need to consider leaving logs to dry before using if freshly cut. A lot of logs sold in ton bags via EBay and Gumtree can be expensive.

Are you able to split them? Having a drive around any industrial estates to look / ask for free pallets might help?

Looking and acquiring cheap / free logs can be a bit competitive...... lol
Whereabouts are you based ? Some good suppliers on gumtree. I used to collect my own wood, but found the time it takes to collect, split and store was less productive than actually paying circa £60 a ton bag of hardwood.

if you happen to be in Scotland’s central belt then I can suggest a supplier.
There’s normally someone local that’ll do a van load for about £100 for seasoned and chopped wood. May cost more if London/Birmingham/Manchester/Liverpool areas.
Where about are you I got some for free if you want from a house refurb.
Maybe do some research on the best wood to use, e.g. birch or ash. Definitely not MDF (toxic), resiny or wet wood. These can damage your stove and leave your chimney full of tarry gunk. If bulk buying you can perhaps borrow or buy a moisture meter, so you can check moisture content is below 20%. Suppliers may tell fibs, and you don't want to pay seasoned hardwood prices for anything poorer. This might help.…n=1
Beware of burning pallets. They burn dirty and will potentially give off dangerous fumes. Also, they burn very quickly as they are soft wood - which will mean you’ll get through them very fast, making breaking them more hassle than they are worth! Burn decent hard wood, if you have a local saw mill, check there for their off cuts
I can recommend Certainly Wood online for home delivery.. Been using them for several years. Wood is as advertised. Kiln dried. Regular sized. Sustainable sourced. There are regular discounts if you sign up for their newsletter, mainly in summer and early autumn. They are not the cheapest, but very reliable.
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