where is the best place to buy wholesale tech like Amazon firesticks or anything reasonable to sell online. Thanks (y)

Posted 2nd Dec 2022
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    I used to sell branded toys. Some companies wouldn't let me buy from them because I only sold on Amazon and eBay. Some companies wouldn't let me sell on Amazon, others didn't care as long as I bought their stuff.

    You could go to a trade fair and buy unbranded or lower end branded electronics from a wholesaler, but if you are competing with the mega sellers on Amazon, eBay etc you might find that the margin is so slim that it's not worth it.
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    Thousands of people trying to buy and sell and anybody doing well isn't going to tell you what they trade in.
    If it was this easy then everyone would do it. And you can't just decide to avoid paying tax on it so you can increase your profit margin by 20%.
    You need to read up on this a bit, it isn't as easy as you hope unfortunately. (edited)
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    I'd tell you, but you'd become my competition, so no.
    What if you get a cut of the profits
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    What is 'Yh' that you start all your answers with OP?
    Yh I'd like to know too
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    Yh but it's gonna be expensive so e.g I can't buy a firestick for £50 and sell it for £50
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    You will not get any favourable terms from a distributor without significant order volume.

    Branded consumer electronics is not a great place to start your empire. (edited)
    Yh if the profit margins are decent then i would try up the quantity but have never imported or brought from a supplier therefore asking for opinions
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    Doing generic consumer stuff at small scale as the country goes into recession isn't really a way to make money.

    You have no usp, no specialist knowledge, no buying power. Do you have any contacts anywhere? Any specialist knowledge?

    I know someone that imports stuff from japan. Gets a container full of furniture/clothing every couple of months. But he has a contact in japan that arranges the buying and shipping and he rents a unit on a farm for storage/sorting/etc.
    I’m struggling to believe that OP genuinely thinks Amazon would have some channel of selling fire sticks at a low price so that other sellers could undercut amazons own online prices!
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    Google search engine is generally quite good if you want to know the answer to something
    Yh obviously mate but peoples personal opinions and experiences are much better right?
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    John pye
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    Before everything remember your tax obligations. It isn't as simple as buying something for X and selling for Y and pocketting the profit.
    Taxes? But all the PS5 scalpers last Christmas never told me about needing to pay taxes?!
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