Best place to buy xbox 360??

Found 14th May 2009
im getting my partner a xbox 360 for his birthday, he already has a ps3 and wii but insists he want one, anyways where is the best place to buy one from at the moment i dont want the core or arcade as i want it to have a hard drive, not fussed if its a premiem, halo edition or elite, thanks for the help!
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With so many problems that you can get with an XBOX 360 I would recomend that you get it from a shop that you can easily take back for a replacement.

Shops with free car park should be considered.

Supermarkets you could have the problem of not having stock when you come to replace it.

GAME only replaces the box rather than the whole thing, so it could be an option because if you want one with harddrive at least that way you will not loose your stuff.

Other shops might give you a full new box which means that you would loose all your stuff, so make sure you consider this.

The best XBOX 360 at the moment are the ARCADES, they are the Jaspers version with 256MB built in memory so you could consider one of these and get a hard drive separate, you can get a hard drive on it's own cheap around here.
The advatange of this is that if you need to take everthing back to the shop the hard drive is safe with you.

I have changed my Arcade 3 times so far and my 120GB hard drive always stays at home

Hope this helps.

Overall the XBOX 360 is a fantastic console. I also have the PS3 so I can compare both and to play I personally prefer the XBOX 360.

Good luck
So hold on, your partner is gonna have a PS3, a Wii, and a 360....

Goooodbyyeeeee my lovvvveerrrrrrrrr
Argos have some deals on the 60GB xbox at the moment, seems pretty cheap to me:

Issue One;5207412

So hold on, your partner is gonna have a PS3, a Wii, and a … So hold on, your partner is gonna have a PS3, a Wii, and a 360....Goooodbyyeeeee my lovvvveerrrrrrrrr

i no yes but we have 2 young children and he works in the day and i work evenings so we dont see each other much only at weekends.
Argos always seem to have good deals, the games they give you are pretty lame though, Blockbuster should also be considered if you live near one. good luck with the hunt.
The HMV deal for 60GB Xbox Premium with Burnout Paradise, Trivial Pursuit, Connect 4 and extra wireless controller, for £166 is pretty good, in my opinion.

If you have an ebay account, you could sell the games and extra wireless controller for about £35, therefore making the console cost you about £130.

I did this a couple of weeks ago.
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