Best place to change Canadian Dollars to GBP's please!

    Family in Canada have sent the kids Canadian $40 (2 x $20 notes) and need to get it changed to GBP but wondered best place to do it so kids see as much of it as poss.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be hugely grateful!


    top tip not just for you but everyone.
    if you know someone in the army/navy/airforce they are able to swap moneys bothways at thomas cook commission free:thumbsup:

    dont the post office swap back commision free?

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    Fozey - ahhhhh interesting DH is ex Army don't suppose it applies to veterans but we have friends still in so that might be an option.

    Shanecr - thanks for that will check that out tomorrow - wondered if you'd need a purchase invoice to prove bought from them?

    Spoke with my sis a few minutes ago and she suggested Hayes Travel or Thomas Cook so will give them a try too. Thanks for you help!
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