Best place to change currency

    Going Turkey next week and looking to exchange some money. Where is the best place to do it?


    look on moneysavingexpert and use a currency compare tool. Usually it's cheapest to reserve at the airport your departing from and collect. You don't need to pay a deposit or anything.

    Best not to exchange money at all and get a pre-paid card with no fees abroad eg. Revolut or Monzo

    You always get a better rate over in Turkey,just change up enough for your first 2 days

    If you have a no charge debit card just draw cash out or as sadie22 has stated cash is best when you are there.

    I've always used Thomas exchange global and whenever I've checked they seem to be the best. Branches in various london locations now.


    If you're in London, I'd recommend this firm, which I've used several … If you're in London, I'd recommend this firm, which I've used several times.

    Agreed, and they're the best for buy back, exchange my euros there and always have great deals

    take a revolut card

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    Thanks for the info guys. It's only around £600 to £700 that I need to exchange.

    So the rate is better in Turkey?
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