best place to download music from for ipod

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Found 3rd Nov 2008
just brought an ipod touch, what are the best sites to download music from?
thank you


I use [url][/url]

Very good and FREE!

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Bristle Hound;3361908

I use [url][/url]Very good and FREE!

thank you:thumbsup:

Your welcome! :thumbsup:

Legally iTunes.

iTunes :whistling:

I use it all the time :whistling:

limewire is terrible. a veritable torrent of viruses

Bristle Hound;3361908

I use [url][/url]Very good and FREE!

Forget Limewire, at some point I bet you download some dodgy files and then you're PC will slow down etc (prone to spyware etc)

Newsgroups I think is the best way to get Music/Movies/Apps etc. Some torrent sites are ok

Of course iTunes if you want to be legal

:lol: as if people still reccomend limewire..... yes by all means use limewire for free access to illegal music, unfortunatly you'll pay for it by having to by a new machine after its been eateneded by online nasties.

why use newsgroups that you have to pay for membership, might as well use Itunes all the way:whistling:

that is if you are paying :whistling:
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