Best place to finance a xbox one?

Found 2nd Mar 2014
Been looking at getting a xbox one, I have they money but don't really want to waste it in go. Was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction for financing a Xbox one? Don't mind paying a few extra quid obviously. Best I have seen so far is very.co.uk where I pay £133 a month for 3 months interest free?

Any help but be good! Cheers
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shopto are offering deals on finance.
argos card 29.9% apr tho
get a 0% credit card. barcleys platinum card is good. has 0% for 14 months
Yep I was just about to suggest that too.Any long term no interest card will do ,try quid co for offers on taking cards out you might get an extra £40-50 rebate.
Yeah, just to save the hassle just going to buy it out right :P

Sorry, I don't know if this thread can be locked but if so, please do
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