best place to find childrens glasses liverpool area?

    hi there, my son of three has been told he will need to wear glasses
    I have looked in the opticians at my nearest address which is great for my partner, sister and all other adults, but when looking today for decent young boys there were only about 7 pairs and they didn't really look nice. my sister said asda had a wide range which i'm going to look tomorrow , but does anyone know of anywhere else I could look.


    Specsavers have a dedicated range for kids, my six yr old looked a few months ago and picked about 6 different pairs they liked



    spectacles would be a better search :-D

    i take my son to an indepedent opition. he has a rather large head (clever boy) he gets fitted with adult glasses and i put money towards the cost.

    a word of warning - don't get them from too far away, it will be a pain to go back and forth when they get broken - and they will.

    Vision express do them and you can pick up a FREE 2nd pair from a selected range....Huge selection ask them what they have in the drawers oh and I'd go before school hols as everyone goes then...Good luck x

    Have always got my daughter's from Dolland & Aitchison as they have a good kids range. There is no problem with repairs and we have occasionally had to have a new pair - issued at no extra cost. If you have a shopping centre nearby which is open at weekends and evenings I would suggest going there as you never know when you will need to pay a visit.

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    thanks to everyone for all your help i'm not going to rush now, i'll wait till tomorrow and take him for a good look around.
    thankyou all
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