Best place to get an official wireless rapid fire controller? Xbox 360

    Hi guys as above, I don't feel like modding mine tbh, so I thought I'd rather buy one


    rapid fire is cheating therefore there are no 'official' ones

    Unless of course you mean the Street Fighter controller…tml?ptsl=1&ob=Price&fb=0&&_$ja=tsid:11518|cc:|prd:8777718|cat:Hardware

    Has turbo buttons but no dual analog sticks.

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    Nah I mean an official controller, but someone or a website has opened it and modded it, it's for a mates kid (you know what they're like they just want to run around on cod) but I can't really be bothered to mod one for him unless it's a big saving becuase he told me that someone wanted £65 off him, when I know I could buy an official one for £30 or less and do it myslef for another £2, but don't want to waste my time.
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