Best Place To Get Euros?

Found 5th Mar 2010
I haven't bought Euros for ages, so where have people found is the best place to buy them? Online or at a shop.

Only going away to France for couple of days so will only be changing up a small amount.
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Marks and Spencers usually have good rates

Cheers everyone!


I normally pre-order from Travellex and pick up at the airport, they … I normally pre-order from Travellex and pick up at the airport, they generally have one of the best rates outside of the London places, you only get that rate if you pre-order it.Oh yeah and I beat you with the link.

Im going via Eurostar. Although I am in Coventry at the moment I can go anywhere reasonably in the SE London area as well.
Just done that and all the best rates I can't get to, Travelex is good, but again nowhere to collect from.
So seems Thomson is best, with M&S second.
dcx_badass;8023381 … Passenger TerminalQuite a few in London aswell.

Yeah I saw that but its in Folkestone and were getting on the Eurostar at St Pancras. Then the closest one otherwise is London City Airport but that will still cost me around £4 to get there and about 2 hours trip.
Cheers though, looks like I'm stuck with the High Street.
Got mine from the Post Office in Cannon Park they had good rates also the travel agents in their is good too.
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