Best Place to get your Euro's?

Found 1st Sep 2010
Hello all. I go away next Tuesday and I am yet to get my Currency.

There is 6 of us in all. I just wondered whether certain places do offers if you get 'bulk'.

There will be just under £2,500 to change.

Any ideas on offers/best exchange rate?

Thank you.
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Hi there
If in london you can get £3025.00 euros For £2500.00 sterling

If not and get it delivered to your home get £2994.50 euros

Sory link wont go to page just follow instructions
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No I am in Leeds - I should've put my location in really.

Thank you for your reply though. I just doubt my mother will appreciate getting currency delivered.

She was put off getting travel insurance through a Natwest Advantage Gold bank account!


Thanks again though.
£2968.75 Travelex book on line pick up in airport

You could print out page of quotes and go to you high street and beat them with it to
see who will match it im sure the all say best price etc.26 euros diff is a lot.
Worth a try
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That sounds pretty good.

Again though, just looking for an 'instore' deal, Where we can walk in with pounds and leave with Euro's.

I appreciate your input and I'd snap those offers up if It was up to me, just cannot upset anyone on this holiday, it's fragile as it is....
I found Tescos had a decent price for Euros and said 0% commision.

Maybe you could ring the airport up and see whats avaible there as weve just gone to amsterdam and the exchange rate on the boat beat anybody home here...
You do get better rates for bulk buying from your normal travel agents. Not sure if the difference is worth that much though
Usually get a much better exchange rate in the resort than the uk.
Thank you all. Will probably just have a mosey round on Saturday.

I've hard Altham's been batted about a bit, I may google the suckers.

Usually get a much better exchange rate in the resort than the uk.

Thats what I do, just take sterling and change it as I need it in resort. Have always gotten better rates doing this
Try m&s, been the best on the high street for me in the past.
try mse website. it has a comparison table.
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