Best place to go on honeymoon in July 2015 with young one

    Hi people we looking to get married in July 2015 and we going to take our son 10 months old so it can't really be to hot, been looking at lake Garda italy but unsure
    We have 2 weeks off looking probably 10days
    Fly 19th?
    Fly from any midlands or Manchester
    Budget 2-3k depend of board

    Can anyone help with ideas
    Thanks in advance


    Lake Garda is nice-went there as a child with my parents-you'd be a bit stretched to find things to do for 10 days though

    If you're looking for somewhere beautiful to just relax and stroll around, eat good food and not much else, I can highly recommend Lake Orta in northern Italy. We went there in June with a baby and it was lovely. Probably need a week maximum though, as there's not a huge amount to do. If you hire a car you could spend a few days staying near different lakes. Also recommend Varese if you want a bit more to do. Lufthansa fly to Milan Malpensa from Manchester, which is a nice airline.



    Original Poster

    Italy was only a option, key things are not to hot cause of our sun, no more that 4hrs flying

    Lake Garda is a good option. Its where the Italians go in the summer to escape the heat. Consider the Canary Isles. Fuertaventura and Lanzarote both are cooled by a pleasant NE breeze in the summer. The temp rarely goes over 80f and there is plenty to do for a week. 2 weeks if you are being very relaxed. Otherwise Puerto De La Cruz in Tenerife is very green, unlike the rest of the island as it gets more cloud cover and rainfall. More things to see on Tenerife. Flight c. 4hr or less.

    Ibiza Portinax

    We went to a holiday village in lanzarote that time of year and it was fab. Was hot but always a cooling wind. Had a lovely time, daughter was 18 months old. And apartments all air conditioned.

    I went to lake garda many years ago on a skiing holiday. lovely place.
    also try Niagara falls and Toronto. I know its a longer flight around 7 hours but well worth it.
    very romantic at Niagara and Toronto is an amazing city. went in oct and loved it.
    Try a company called Trailfinders if your booking anything from the norm as the give great prices. also they are
    which magazine best travel agent..
    congrats, and have a great honeymoon.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all few things to think about, I want to go away for around 10days to chill, but also want to see places,
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