Best place to load vouchers for Black Friday for 4k tv

Found 18th Oct 2017
I got £100 in vouchers from my work and I want to put it towards a 4k tv on Black Friday. Which retailer is most likely to have the best deals? I think I need to preload because they post you a gift card rather than email so it won't be instant. I'm thinking maybe John Lewis as they price match and have the extra warranty? thoughts?
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get your crystal ball out
Maybe see if they would use the Post Office's gift card they do. Give you wider range of stores more or less covering all the big ones for TV's.…ard


Have a look through the deals that were posted on here last year which will give you a bit of an idea .
If it was me though, I would get a gift card for a supermarket, use the money now to do the weekly food shop and then save that cash to put towards the best deal you can get on Black Friday.
Just get supermarket vouchers and do your weekly shop. Keep your shopping money for black friday
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