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Best Place To Park Near MEN Arena Manchester

Posted 18th Nov 2008
OK; so been driving like nearly 3 weeks and I am confident in driving in most situations (Motorway etc - no prob) but I just dont like parking under pressure or in tight situations, im probably OK but im just not confident!

So; I want to know the best place to park near the MEN for this coming Saturday for McFLY.

I dont want to park on the MEN car park as there are horror stories of taking like 2 hours getting off etc. Would love a place which my sat nav will take me straight to

Anyone got the best way to do this?
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Get the train?

We're off to see Steve Coogan tomorrow night and its twice as fast by train - for a 40 mile journey. Train station is directly underneath the M.E.N.
I've got the train before... and there are 4 of us going and it SHOULD work out a lot cheaper driving - Plus; we would have to leave early to get the last train to Leeds; then a taxi home which is another £30...
We always park on a car park about 5 mins away from the Arena. If you come off the M60 onto the A6 and go through Salford into Manchester. You pass the Lowry Hotel on your right hand side. Go through the next set of lights and there is a little car park on your right. It costs around £5 to park there in the evening but is fantastic for getting away from the Arena - straight out and straight back onto the A6 to head towards M60/M62.
Hope this is ok, sorry no postcode for Sat Nav but if you google the Lowry Hotel and use the same postcode the car park is approx 100yds further up that road on the same side.
to be honest i hate parking at the M.E.N .. ! to me it is a nightmare and iv been driving nearly 20 years .
id catch the train too so im no help really lol
Park in the Arndale car park, its about a 5 minute walk, but i dont know what it will be like when theres a gig on. Certainly dont park in the arena car park.
Its just hell to park at! When i used to go there back in the day to see five and steps my parents had to park up and it took us so long every time, it doesnt look any better nowadays from what i've seen
There are a lot of pay for parking places around the arena though but theyll probably get full cos its sold out so i'd aim to get there early and just have a bit of a cruise around to find somehwhere
I'll be there too on sat, woop woop, mcfly rule!
I parked at a private car park, charging £10 a car! you will see slightly dodgy looking guys ushering you in saying "arena parking". All was fine though and loads did it.

It was straight in a and out. About a 10 min walk though.
there is a new car park where the beehive pub used to be.
It is literally next door to the MEN - we parked there last Saturday and had no probs. Emptied quite quickly.
Was £6 for all day or £3 for 4 hours.
Hope it helps - Who you going to see
park in the printworks car park its less than 5 mins walk and dead in the evenings. you can also bypass all the traffic leaving the MEN by heading straight up the A62 and getting on the M60 at Chadderton or Oldham rather than going through salford and getting on the M602.
Sat nav didnt take me anywhere near where I wanted it to...driving through Manchester is an absolute nightmare, crazy pedestrians!

Got the last space in a small car park about 20 mins walk away near the Rain Bar? All I can remember to be honest! But got back to the car, straight on the motorway no traffic whatsoever...absolutely shocking.
Park behind Celebration Village only 3 minutes walk away. No queues when leaving by the back roads.
Just parked at celebration village for a concert at the arena. You can pre book for £6 if you call the number on their website. They are smashing people and the parking is secure and about a 400 yard walk from the arena. Deffo recommend !!
I booked and parked at "celebration village" - only £6, secure, 3mins a way from MEN, very good service, easy to book, friendly and helpful parking attendants
hi does anyone have the phone number for celebration village parking

hi does anyone have the phone number for celebration village parking

Address: 149 Great Ducie St, Manchester, Lancashire M3 1FB, United Kingdom

Phone:+44 161 832 7003


Monday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

I'm doing this dreaded journey next week.

Which train station is it?
Do they have a park and ride.
Tempted for the arndale. Maybe a quick escape out towards the M56
Pretty sure the train station is Manchester Victoria
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