Best place to pre order COD Black Ops

Found 21st Sep 2010
As above:

Someone mentioned that if u pre order from Game and pay £10 up front you get it on the 1st. Dont know if thats a myth though.

Also, any ideas if there will be a price war?
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obviously a myth if you preorder from game,you get it early-thats just ridiculous-can you imagine the other retailers standing for that? so thats a definite no.

supermarkets may compete on it-they did last time-too early to tell-even supermarket staff will have no knowledge of any deal yet,altho I am sure someone will say that they have a friend who has a friend whose granny knows somebody in tesco gaming department etc etc,but it wont be true.
I've pre ordered all mine from Asda, the guy that served me said there is definately going to be a price war on COD Black Ops, and it will be £28. (so he says.) The reason i ordered from asda is because there doing a premium pack where you get the game, a COD Black Ops t-shirt and a mini guide. You have to put a £5 pre order deposit down though.

Hope this helps.

Also Fifa 11 will be £25 in supermarkets again also.

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