Best Place to Pre-order Horizon on PS4

Found 21st Feb 2017
Hi Guys, where's best to order Horizon Zero Dawn in the hope of receiving it early? Used to use Gameseek but last few pre-orders have arrived on the day. Heard good things about TGC and Simply where do you guys pre-order from?
Thanks in advance!
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Simplygames, always get my pre order a good few days early
Simplygames if you want it early or shopto if you want the launch edition, but given that this is a Wednesday release don't expect your usual Saturday from simplygames

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shopto are the cheapest at the moment
Thanks guys! SimplyGames it is.

Thanks guys! SimplyGames it is.

why would you pay 3 quid more then shopto?

why would you pay 3 quid more then shopto?

Because my primary aim is to get the game early and it seems that Simply Games is currently the most likely source of that. I remember shopto being brilliant for pre-orders back in the day but like Gameseek they, for me at least, started dispatching the day before release so it wouldn't come early.
Smyths are selling it for 39quid
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