best place to print photos?

ive got LOADS to print ..... who do u guys reccomened/have offers? thing is i have registered and used snapfish and photobox before.... i thinl also truprint....and they r the bog ones with offers for new whats the best palce....would u say tesco so u get the points?


coloured printer.

no rep plz

I use snapfish

Photobox. Cheaper and better quality than photo printers (IMO). The paper and ink bumps the cost right up (even if you do use compatibles).

I have got about 800 photos to print off - i don't know how they have piled up.

I am going to split them up so i get the offers.

check our quidco offers as well. you may get money off for registering for first time.

sorry can't offer any suggestions as i haven't researched it yet, but will be watching this post for some ideas.

Use snapfish/photobox with another email. Plus get the quidco money

bonus print is ok. only draw back is if you have loads of pictures to down load it can take hours.. probably quicker just going to Tesco and getting the hour service and points.

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thanks all

I'd avoid snapfish and go via Photobox - had issues with both companies before xmas.Snapfish never resolved the issue and took ages to respond. Photobox responded within an hour and fixed the issue about 4 hours later. I was well impressed with their customer service - I will be using them again.

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thats very true i lik customer services with photobox.... thanks fug

jessops have a web page too where you can down load and i think you get free prints when reg or if your happy with snapfish I think you can pre pay to get cheaper prints

used JPics (Jessops online photo printing) for over 300 photos, very fast and speedy. Good prices and quality too, I would definitely use them again.

Not sure if they have any decent offers on atm though.

I'd stay away from Pixum, used them for some poster prints and the colour seemed all out.
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