Best place to purchase plastic wallets/sleeves please?

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There's so many sellers on the market that I am unsure which one to go for, I am after something high-quality, so would appreciate any advice/suggestions.

I was thinking of going with Ryman, as they're a reputable stationery store? 200 for £10 linked below:…ear

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You mean stationEry, and Wilko is my go-to place for plastic wallets (half the price of Ryman).
Sainsburys are good quality but have a look before you buy them. Don't go to pound shop, I remember what I and my tutor went through lol. They were very slippery.
I have tried wilko sleaves but I preferred the Sainsburys ones
Use these "5 Star" ones in work with no issues over the years. The "punched" sides also don't go "baggy" after use for a few years. Not slippery and you can also photocopy fine while still in the pocket, also no ink transfer to the inside of the pockets either.…c=1

Downside to the thicker ones.
They do "ghost" somewhat on the outside, though that's them being kept in what is more or less a fridge lol (Procedure manuals in a chilled warehouse). They can do the same depending what the weather is doing if you store in the boot of your car overnight for example. No damage to the documents inside though, fine after bringing back to ambient temperatures. The cheaper thin and like "textured" ones don't behave in this way.
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Wilko for sure,good quality for the money.
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