Best place to purchase the Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

Posted 2nd Jun
Hi there! I’ve seen the cheapest place to purchase seems to be AliExpress, however what if the band is faulty etc? Would returns be too much of a hassle?
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Well you should a month because the Band 5 is coming out in a week. The 4 will surely come down in price.
i got my miband 4 from ali express on a deal flagged up on the site. i think it very much depends on the seller on ali express. the one i got was from the xiaomi mc store and it was fine. this was my first purchase from china so i took a punt as it was so cheap. i effectively paid around £17 for the band using the halifax clarity credit card which had no foreign purchase fee, so i figured if it didn't work, i could just chuck it in the bin and put it down to experience.

not a huge amount of money so was worth the risk. paid off

there was a really good deal on amazon recently that you could have gone for if you don't like ali express. shame you missed that.
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