best place to rent xbox 360 games online ?

Found 10th Aug 2010
I am looking to rent xbox 360 games instead of buying a latest release and decided after i have paid full price for it and hated it.

So looking to subscribe to a rental service where i can rent them unlimited a month and so many discs at a time.


2 month trial around in voucher section, £14.99 after, 2 discs at a time unlimited amount of returns


as above lovefilm is probably the best rental place these days


Unlimited 3 disc package is the greatest game binge you will ever have lol

Lovefilm, and you can probably get a 2 or 3 month free trial if you haven't subscribed before.

Quidco it.. complete free trial, and get £15 back.

I recommend Boomerang Rentals. They about £1 cheaper than LoveFilm when it comes to Game rentals. No cashback though

LoveFilm is great though if you want to throw a movie into the mix at some point.

Dont forget the lovefilm app if you have ipod touch or iphone, very handy

Boomerang are good

I use, who are pretty decent but they are a bit slow at sending out the games. I'm really tempted by lovefilm at the moment though, so I'd suggest them.
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