Best place to sale a phone?

    I just got an unwanted upgrade (SE C902) and as i'm going travelling in a month or so I need all the moolah I can get!

    I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where to sale, obviously I have thought about a paticular auction site but i've never sold on there before and heard there are a lot of scammers - is this true?

    I'd sell it on here but someone tried selling one a day ago with no interest so I doubt i'd have much luck either! So where else do you guys sell your stuff?


    Depend how much you want for it, if your not really bothered and just want some cash for it then you could always take it to CEX. Otherwise for top cash I've always sold old/unwanted phones via the said auction site. Just make sure that they pay via Paypal or cash on collection and if you post send it either recorded delivery or special delivery once you have cleared funds, that way you avoid being scammed.

    I've sold numerous items on a particular auction site and never had a problem myself. I coincidentally bought a C902 unlocked off the same website for just over 100 pound, it was brand new and boxed, most others were round the 150 to 200 mark.

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    Thanks for all the replys guys! I think i'm just scared of ebay as i've heard so many horror stories where the seller loses out.. perhaps I should just take the plunge!

    Ive had quite a few problems with timewasters and people winning and not paying on an auction site. Try amazon marketplace which ive found pretty good, and if you dont sell you dont pay anything. Fees can be quite high but it tells you exactly what they will charge you if you sell the item.

    i don't touch ebay for anything worth more than a few quid

    sold lots of phones on

    if in ok condition you can get around £65 for it here -…spx

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    thanks for all the replys people and all the help - will have a look into acouple of suggestions!

    Andrepro - it's brand new so think it's worth a bit more than that, but thanks anyway!

    When you put it up for sale you need to select Paypal as the only method of payment and then be sure to select 'immediate payment only'. If someone then buys and does not pay immediately the item remains up for sale until that buyer pays or a new buyer buys the item and pays immediately.
    Also when you post the item send it first class registered or better still specially delivery.People understand why the have to pay for that type of postage when buying a mobile phone.

    The best place to "sale a phone" is surely the sea 'innit! :-D

    it would be if it was sail a phone.

    or maybe he wants to get rid of it in the Trafford area of Manchester!

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    haha, yeh I noticed the 'sale' bit just after I posted..! Obviously I meant sail.. d'uh..
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