Best place to see Northern lights in Scotland

Found 4th Oct 2017
hi there,

I'm trying to find a hotel near in Scotland to view the northern lights.

somewhere tranquil and peaceful. any ideas,?
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Why not go wild camping - tent, warm sleeping bag and wee dram. Not an expert but I didn't think it was that common apart from the most Northern reaches, eg Orkney, Shetland, mainland north of Aberdeen. I wouldn't go expecting to see it in any given visit but go for the enjoyment of the country and feel blessed if you do see it.
Some info on Visit Scotland.
I presume you're aware that the aurora isn't predictable, it's really down to luck as to whether or not it's visible although the further north you are the better your chances.

Definitely choose somewhere with low levels of light pollution, doesn't improve your chances of seeing the aurora but it'll be far more impressive if you do, the map below is very good for this:…tml

If you stay somewhere shaded on of the two darker shades of grey on the map, and are lucky enough to get a clear night, the night sky will look amazing even without a visible aurora, completely unlike anything you'll ever see in a town or city.
Another good predictive site…st/

I used to live in Aberdeen and saw it a few times there, also at RAF Kinloss on the Moray Firth.

Its very hit'n'miss with the NL, even going to Norway is no guarentee.
This was taken in Orkney last week(29/09)
great photo, lovely to see the pink and magenta colours
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