best place to sell a 2001 whytes works mountain bike

    hello, my mate trying to sell his 2001 whytes works full suspension mountain bike and was wondering best place to sell it in north east? It was £2500 so what would a decent price be now? Good condition.


    Hard to price a bike, it is what it is worth to the buyer, i am looking for a whyte

    Depends also on how many of the parts have been upgraded, if it has not been upgraded at all I wouldn't expect it to fetch a very big price tbh

    I would try selling on pinkbike, bikeradar and place like that, heres the whyte i want only 4 grand

    make a friend in the best bike shop in the local area, get them to value it then agree to give them a % of the sale price.

    tech has moved on a lot since 2001 on bikes...

    search completed listings on ebay and see what similar bikes have sold for...

    yeah things have moved on.... full sus from that age prob isn't going to be as good as average full sus from 4 years ago so wouldn't be expecting lots i fear, the marin copied their style of frame didn't they or am i getting confused!


    heres the whyte i want only 4 grand

    Sweet Jesus oO

    That's a beauty!

    Original Poster

    cheers all 4 advice

    Original Poster

    think he wants 300, going from 300- 850 on ebay
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