Best place to sell an iPhone 11 (new) and not ebay

Posted 13th Jan
Looks for some advice.
As you may have noted from previous messages, I have an iPhone11 I have finally got unlocked having brought it in the USA.
As I cannot get my money back I am looking to sell it (have an iPhoneX so no need for it).
Ebay is not an option as I have been ripped off too many times but people saying phones have not arrived etc and paypal give them the money back even though I can show it was tracked and signed for.
Looking for some other options to sell it. I have listed it on facebook markertplace but the amount of stupid messages from there is huge.
Any other options?
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Gumtree shpock
You could always try gumtree, or facebook marketplace? or even a cash on collection and meet in a public place?
Why not ebay, cash collection only? Its how I've been selling last few years
Does the US Warranty apply in UK...?

I think with the issues you've had with this phone, CEX would be the route I went down and cut my losses.
Ask around family, friends and colleague and see if anyone want to buy it from you.
eBay cash on collection, game,cex, gumtree
Thanks all.
Family and friends have been notified.
Already listed on Marketplace.
Apple warranty should cover it worldwide.
I am wanting to avoid ebay to be honest.
Will trade game etc as see what the prices are.
Thanks all
Rune_2H13/01/2020 11:29

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Oh ok, thanks for letting me know. Good info!
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