Best place to sell car?

    What's best place to sell a car would you say? I'm not in a huge rush in that I need it gone in a few days and want to get as much as possible obviously. But I'm not wanting to wait more than a month or so.



    Gumtree or eBay are popular choices

    What car is it?

    could try sphock

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    It's ford focus 12 plate ecoboosterooney

    Even though they charge, AutoTrader is by far the best in my experience. Ebay might work too, but AT been very good for me.

    Autotrader has worked for me.

    Use Cashback too for some money back

    Where would you look if you were buying?

    stick posters on it and leave it parked in a supermarket, where it can be seen. however, u seem savvy enough to use the internet, you could post online. Many recommendations above.
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    Where would you look if you were buying?

    The majority of people probably trust Autotrader over the other options, although you loose nothing by advertising on the free sites mentioned above.

    Sold one via gumtree. 1st person to call came and paid the asking price. Worth a punt for free for a week or two if you are not in a rush. is also worth a try

    Facebook for sale groups.
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    The best place is as many as possible! Personally, when buying a car, I'll always look at EBay, gumtree and auto trader.
    I've sold a couple on eBay, just don't try and hide anything and be prepared for emails containing the phrase 'how much if I collect tonight m8?'

    RAC cars-free,Pistonheads,,Preloved-free,Autotrader,Ebay,Gumtree,Friday-ads,Ebid,Exchange&Mart,Facebook,is that enough,if not adverts in supermarkets or local shops,laminated A4 paper on car if live near/on busy street,boot sale,car auction,Evans Hailshaw beat webuyanycar prices(still a rip off but quick sale)

    It depends on value of a the car.

    If it is a budget car then I would suggest Gumtree.

    However, if it is worth over 2K then I would suggest Autotrader or eBay.

    A bit of advice for selling, download a receipt / contract from the web. I think the AA have links, probably auto trader too. Worth doing things right if it's an expensive motor
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