Best place to sell concert tickets?

Found 29th May 2013
Was wondering where is the best place to sell concert tickets, I bought 4 but now only need 2 of them? Not looking to make money on them just want what I paid. There one direction tickets for Manchester sat 31st may next year. I've been looking around but everywhere I look seems you can sell them but you don't get the money back for them until after the event.

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use ebay - make a profit!
you cant sell tickets on ebay any more they have opened a new site to sell tickets (stubhub) but as for seatwave/stubhub you dont get the money from the sold tickets until after the event (which is 12 months away) i need the money asap. i put on gumtree and had the listing removed? have no idea why? x
Noticeboard in supermarket. Local newspapers free ads.
Are you on Facebook? There is a selling page for my local town where people advertise things, maybe have a look if there is one for your area.
scarletmist.com if you are not a money grabbing arsehat in it for a profit!
ive put them on my local facebook selling site, and will ask at work tonight about selling board.

Like i said i'm not in it for a profit im just looking to get my money back x
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