Best place to sell game cd keys?

    I have won a giveaway meaning that for the next 9 months I get any free game legitimately. However after 3 games I am not really interested in any at the moment so I gonna save the money for PC upgrades / September releases. Where is the best place that offers the most coverage as a seller as tbh I'm not that interested in being scammed


    av forums was suggested on here before, i managed to sell 3 games i won on there, quite like hukd sales but they allow codes.


    Lokal... lol

    eBay, facebook

    I've been using Kinguin for the same thing of late, selling off my excess humble keys. Sold 9 games for about £40 so far, but you have to wait a full 7 days (it literally counts it down in hours) to get your cash, in case any of your keys are reported as faulty. Oddly I have no feedback so assume my keys have been bought by typical merchants to sell on for more at a later date. I've sold Xbox games on ebay before with no hassle, and last I checked Paypal offered no protection for digital goods so the buyer is more at risk than the seller

    I've sold some on Ebay, just be careful the buyer doesn't try and say the code isn't working etc...
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